Third International Conference on Credit and Operational Risks
12-13 April 2007
Call for Papers
  Credit and Operational Risks: Are We Ready for Basel II?

Call for Papers

The Basel II deliberations began in 1999 with the goals of promoting greater consistency in credit risk management and of introducing operational risk management by financial institutions. The implementation date was originally set for 2000+. Strong criticisms by the banking industry of the 2004 framework led to a new proposal being put forth in June 2006, with an implementation expected in over 100 countries by early 2007. As this new deadline approaches, it seems however that banking industries in many countries are not yet adequately prepared.

What are the major difficulties confronting banks seeking to implement credit and operational risks management systems compliant with Basel II?

One of the aims of the Conference is to provide an answer to this question. The scientific committee invites papers that examine the different issues related to the implementation of the Basel II Accord. Submitted papers can be related to any of the three pillars of Basel II.

Other contributing research papers related to credit and operational risks can also be submitted to the scientific committee. Suitable topics include but are not limited to:

   Copulas and loss distribution for operational risk

  Use of external data for operational risk
   Operational risk ratings models
 Testing advanced credit risk models
   Cycles in credit risk modeling
  Stress testing of credit risk models
   Recovery risk and loss given default
   EAD measurement
   Retail credit risk
  Interrelation between credit, market, operational and liquidity risks

Papers must be submitted before January 15, 2007 at the following address:

 Successful authors will be notified by the end of January 2007.

 Questions about the Conference may be directed to any member of the scientific committee: Michèle Breton (, Georges Dionne (, Christian Gouriéroux (, and Nicolas Papageorgiou (



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