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Mother Teresa : Let's do something beautiful for God.

“What was it that made her so special?” Mother Teresa, one of the most well known women of her time, exerted fascination on most people she met. Admired for her work, she was also a true contemplative. Along the years she received a string of honorary doctorates conferred by some of the world’s most prestigious universities. Mother Teresa became, during her lifetime, the most decorated a woman in the history of civilization.

She was without doubt, an outstanding human being. Many pictures reveal her as both compassionate and determined; there was work to be done and there seemed to be no room for sentimental speculations. Her gentle but relentless crusade for the poorest embodied a businesslike approach witch filtered down through the ranks of her order. Many books and thousands of articles have been written on her and she was not without critics, some seeing her as a demagogue, a servant of earthly powers. The order she founded is still one the very few religious order within the Roman Catholic Church demonstrating growth.

This leadergraphy looks at her leadership through different aspects of her life, social, cultural, psychological, spiritual, biological, etc. The founder and leader of the Missionaries of Charity was more then just a leader, she was an integral leader. She was not simply a Charismatic leader, a self-appointed leader and could be classified in the traditional concepts of charismatic leadership. This book shows that Mother Teresa’s mission and leadership emerged from an integral growth process. Her vocation and leadership, intimately linked to her integral development, arose through a series of discontinuous awakening experiences called epiphanies. These epiphanies have been, among others, intense moments of suffering or spiritual experiences that transformed Mother Teresa’s life. They have let her to found a new religious order and lead numerous people to the joy of giving.

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Key documents on Mother Teresa

1. Biographies:

  • Spink, Kathryn. Mother Teresa : A Complete Authorized Biography. San Francisco: HarperSanFrancisco, 1997.
From Mother Teresa’s childhood to her last moments this book is one of the most complete account of her work and life. The author, Kathryn Spink, has long been involved with the work of Mother Teresa as well as with the Missionaries of Charity and the co-workers. With many very interesting details the book explores the ramifications of the life of Mother Teresa.
  • Chawla, Navin Mother Teresa : the authorized biography, Boston : Element, 1992.
Navin Chawla took five years of research to write this book. Mother Teresa gave him her complete support and trust. She always took time for him to answer his numerous questions. The author met Father van Exem, the spiritual director of Mother Teresa, as well as many other people whom you her personally. The book is not the most detailed biography on the market but provides an unbiased account of Mother Teresa’s life and is filled with many interesting anecdotes.

2. Interview:

  • Malcolm Muggeridge, Something beautiful for God: Mother Teresa of Calcutta. San Francisco: Harper & Row, 1971.
This book became a classic after introducing Mother Theresa to the Western World. Its author, Malcom Muggeridge converted to Catholicism after meeting Mother Teresa. He describe with power and poetry her works and thoughts.

3. Quotes from Mother Teresa organized by themes

  • Mother Teresa. Total surrender. Edited by Brother Angelo Devananda. Ann Arbor: Michigan: Servant Publications, 1985.
Probes to the heart of Mother Teresa spiritual life and vision. A rich spiritual fare from for letters, spiritual retreats, and instructions to her sisters.
  • Mother Teresa. The Joy in Loving : Compiled by Jaya Chaliha and Edward Le Joly, N.Y.: Pinguin Books, 1996
365 daily entries of meditations, prayers, and reflections for each day of the year
  • Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa: No Greater Love. Edited by Becky Benenate & Joseph Durepos, Novato. California: New World Library, 2002
The essential wisdom of Mother Teresa. An accessible and inspirational collection of Mother Teresa’s teachings. Contains a conversation with the founder of the missionaries of charity about the specific challenges and joys present in her work with the poor and the dying.
  • Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa : A Simple Path. Compiled by Lucinda Vardey, New York, N.Y.: Ballantine Books, 1995
The story of the founding of the Missionaries of Charity, their purpose and practice. Uplifting words and guiding prayers of Mother Teresa as well as testimonies of those who worked with her. A spiritual guide for Catholic and non-Catholic alike

4. Photographic Record

  • Collopy, Michael. Works Of Love Are Works Of Peace: Mother Teresa And The Missionaries Of Charity. San Francisco: Ignatius Press, 1996
A224 page book offering one of the most comprehensive photographic documentation of the apostolic work and prayer life of the Missionaries of Charity.

5. Key Websites on Mother Teresa

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